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Microsoft Excel fails simple math multiplication

If you are a user of Office 2007, you can observe this bug in Microsoft Excel 2007 yourself - try entering 77,1 and 850 into cells and then multiply them in a third cell. Check the proper multiplication product and then verify it in another program, for example, the standard Windows calculator.

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Two Excel tables - look alike, but actually not? Comparison of Microsoft Excel tables.

The problem of comparison of Microsoft Excel tables arises when there are several version of a file with the same content. Moreover, the date of file change is not the criterion of actuality, i.e. the older file version may contain information which is more up-to-date. The problem gets even more aggravated if different people have worked on this file at a different time, making changes in the company's price-list that is located on the internal SharePoint server. There can be many examples: from the abovementioned price-lists and product catalogues to the list of company employees and etc.

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Duplicates in Microsoft Excel: how they can be found and processed?

The situations when you have to deal with duplicate entries in Microsoft Excel are widely spread. Let us give an obvious example: you manage a distribution list in the Excel table (e-mail addresses and recipients` names). In order to conduct a certain distribution, the necessity appears to supply this list with the addresses from a different file or database. Perhaps, some added addresses are already in your list, so after the list enrichment, you take the risk of sending several messages to one and the same recipient, which is not at least ethical.

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