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Dear Users, Technical Support is available via a support module located on this page. Unfortunately, technical support via e-mail or phone is unavailable at the moment.

Our technical support module is available only for registered users. Your registered data will neither be published or disclosed to any 3-rd party nor used for any special offers, adverts or newsletters.

Your request will be processed within 48 hours.

If your support request is regarding to the incorrect software operation, please compare the version of the software installed on your computer with the latest version available on our web site. Software errors may have already been fixed in the latest version of the program. Please include additional information to your support request when you describe erroneous program operations so that we can make a thorough investigation. This information may include: Operating System version, Microsoft® Office version, service packs and installed updates, etc.

We will be happy to get your suggestions or proposals (which do not require a reply). Please use this special suggestion form on our web site.

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